Let’s face it. We all need some kind of help and guidance. Whether it’s getting dinner started, picking up the kids, the house getting cleaned, or ensuring the work assignment is done ahead of schedule. We constantly seek help for many aspects of life, but rarely do we seek help for our own health. That is why, thankfully, Corporate Wellness programs were created.

Corporate Wellness is about bringing healthful tools to your employees – to your colleagues, while they are at work. It’s about understanding why nutrition is important, how stress affects your overall wellness, and how movement should be joyful and pleasurable. You are providing health to increase employee engagement, decrease healthcare costs and increase work productivity.

As a Dietitian, I strive to provide employees with tools that work uniquely for them. I’ve spent years studying and understanding if and why other Corporate Wellness programs have not been effective in other workplace settings. What I found is that when Corporate Wellness is exclusively focused on weight loss and not other health markers, then the positive outcomes just aren’t there for everyone.

My approach to Corporate Wellness is with Mindful & Intuitive Eating. I guide employees to make nourishment a priority again.

Take a moment to think and answer these questions to yourself:

How often do I eat at my desk or in my workspace?

How often do I snack when I am stressed?

How often do I realize it’s 3:00PM and I haven’t taken a lunch break?

How often do 5 or 6 hours go by and I haven’t stepped away from my workspace?

How often do I make my mealtime at work a priority?


All of these questions all lead to the importance of needing a Corporate Wellness program to reprioritize health and wellness in the workplace once again.

Luckily, I’ve got all the tools to share with your employees to make that happen once again. Contact me to get your business’ program started.

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