With grocery prices at an all-time high (up an increase of 12.4% to be exact), Thanksgiving Dinner this year will be more expensive than ever before. Some increased Thanksgiving items include:
– Turkey: +16.9%
– Eggs: +43%
– Milk: +14.5%
– Butter: +26.7%
– Fruits and Vegetables: +9.3%

In 2021, the average cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner was $448, so costs this year are expected to be far worse. As a Dietitian, my job isn’t only to promote health through Nutrition. My job is to also support food accessibility. Below, I’ve included some tips on how to save money on groceries for all of your Holiday gatherings this year:

1. Swap out Fresh for Frozen/Canned Produce:
Though I recommend eating fresh produce whenever possible, most often than not, the frozen or canned versions are far more affordable. Example: During this time of year, fresh Green Beans can cost an average of $3.15 per pound. However, frozen or canned Green Beans can cost less than $2.00 a pound. You can still enjoy your famous Green Bean Casserole but at a lower cost. Bonus: Frozen fruits and vegetables have the same, if not more, nutritional value than their fresh options!

2. Consider Alternate Items:
In order to save some more money, you may want to consider slightly less traditional menu items for your Holiday meal. Instead of Mashed Potatoes this year, which usually includes other ingredients like Milk and Butter, you may want to have Rice as a starchy side instead. Though Potatoes and Rice have similar costs per pound, you won’t need to purchase additional items to make it, which will save you money on your total grocery bill.

With Turkey also being at a very high cost per pound and may also be hard to find in stock at grocery stores, you may also want to consider an alternative entree or main protein for your Thanksgiving Dinner. Most wholesale and regular grocery stores sell already prepared Whole Rotisserie Chickens – which can be purchased for $5-$7 each. You can buy as many as you need to feed you and your guests and not endure the costs of a Turkey and the additional cost of the energy use of your oven.

3. Check the Ads Before You Shop:
Before you start shopping, make show you check all of your local grocery store ads. Many stores have exclusive offers during this time of year. Example: This weekend I was at BJ’s Wholesale Club. They were offering a FREE Turkey if you spend $150 on groceries. Another offer included a FREE Bag of Potatoes with purchase of Butter. These offers may only be available for a few days so make sure to check your mailed or online ads!

4. Download Cash-Back Apps:
If you haven’t already downloaded some – if not all – of the cash-back apps offered, it is an absolute must! Most of these apps, especially during the Holidays, offer instant cash-backs and rebates on hundreds of grocery items. My personal favorite is Ibotta. Ibotta offers rebates for both in-store and online grocery store options. Ibotta even offers several FREE Thanksgiving Dinner items and you can use my referral code to get $10 just for signing up! Check out my link below or type in code YYUESNE when you sign up [affiliate].


An increase in all costs and expenses in 2022 has definitely been difficult. However, your Holiday memories, your nourishment, and your food enjoyment don’t have to be compromised because of it. Consider these tips. If they help, let me know below!

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