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As a Dietitian with Influence, I work with brands in a variety of ways, including television and broadcast interviews, satellite media tours, webinar and lecture presentations, tradeshows & events, social media posts and lives, blog posts creation, e-newsletters, and many more!

Check out my media reel and download my media kit below to learn more!


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Gisela Bouvier

Gisela Bouvier

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Hi. I’m Gisela. I am an English and Spanish speaking Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years experience. As a Corporate Wellness dietitian, I offer Employee Wellness Workshops and Programs to help clients and employees create a positive relationship with food through Mindful and Instinctive Eating. My passion is to keep diets and nutrition confusion out of life and nourishment back in.

I understand the mixed messages when it comes to nutrition – “Eat this,” “Don’t eat that,” “That’s bad,” That speeds up metabolism,” and so on. My approach is to help you find the tools that will lead you to a sustainable lifestyle, with a focus on mindfulness and your natural instincts. By joining one of my programs, I will help you create the tools to remove nutrition confusion from your life and learn to enjoy and experience food again.

I also partner with food brands and commodity boards as a media spokesperson showcasing their nutritional benefits through television and radio broadcasts, social media campaigns, blog writing, and any way that the brand is seeking in a dietitian partner. I do media both in English and Spanish.

If interested in learning how I can support your employees or food brand, start by scheduling your free 30 min Consultation Call with me today and see how Gisela Bouvier Nutrition can help you.

Professional Credentials:

MBA – Master’s of Business Administration from Saint Leo University

RDN – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by the Commission on Dietetic Registration

LDN – Licensed in Dietetics and Nutrition by the Florida Department of Health

Certified Spanish Interpreter by ALTA Language Services

Certified Barre Instructor by the American Barre Technique