“I truly have enjoyed this program. It has made a positive difference in both mine and my husband’s lifestyles. Thank you so much!”

- A.R., Corporate Wellness Program attendee

“This program was an eye opener to hunger and fullness and it is tailored to our individual needs, despite being in a group with others. We are all different but Intuitive Eating fits each person in their own unique way. Great program!”

- C.T., Corporate Wellness attendee

“I have enjoyed this program and you teaching us. I have a better understanding of food and how it makes me feel. These workshops have been a good journey with a great group of people. I hope the company will bring you back again. Thank you!”

- B.J., Corporate Wellness Program attendee

“Your approach has given me a new outlook on how to think about food and mindfulness. This is a very unique approach.”

- P.C., Nutrition Workshop attendee

“Thank you for sharing your passion to help others. I truly enjoyed your positive approach to Mindful and Intuitive Eating. I will definitely be joining your next group sessions again soon.”

- D.N., Corporate Wellness attendee

“I had never heard of Mindful and Intuitive Eating before! This approach makes a lot of sense and I know I’ll be using it on a regular basis. It was great getting to know my co-workers as an added bonus as well! I know that we will continue to support each other. Your workshops have been very inspirational and enjoyable. Thank you!”

- H.H., Corporate Wellness Program attendee

“I loved being able to learn more about Mindful and Intuitive Eating and attend a workshop with my co-workers, despite being across the country. I have already started implementing some of the tools discussed and it has given me more clarity with the misconceptions around nutrition and health. We can truly eat the foods we love and no food is good, nor bad!”

- K.D., Virtual Nutrition Workshop attendee