Your employees are getting busier and their to-do list is getting longer. Because of this, they are no longer making their lunch break a priority. Lack of lunchtime means lack of nourishment, which can mean lack of focus, irritability, decreased immune system, and lack of productivity.

On the contrary, when employees eat adequately, their energy is boosted, their productivity increases and their overall health is optimized. As a Mindful and Instinctive Eating Practitioner™, my goal is to make mealtime at work important again.

I create and offer Nutrition Workshops and Corporate Wellness programs to:

  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Change the way Employees think about Health and Nutrition
  • Ensure Adequate Nutritional Intake
  • Weight Management
  • Decrease Sick Days

For healthcare facilities, I also offer menu development and reviews to ensure your patients, residents, and members are meeting nutritional requirements. I work with Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Cares, and Behavioral Health Facilities throughout Florida. 

Nutrition Workshops

Prices starting at $1,000

A Nutrition Workshop or Lunch & Learn can start your employees on their health journey. I offer live or virtual presentations that provide the foundational tools on optimizing employee health. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to learn more as to what I can do for your business. 

“This workshop made me realize how unintentionally Mindless I can be when I am eating at work. I now have more understanding as to how that can affect my health and incorporate better eating practices, even on my busiest days.” – B.B., Nutrition Workshop Attendee

Wellness Fairs

Prices starting at $150 per hour

An employee Wellness Fair is a great way to get your employees engaged with Wellness. I travel throughout Florida for Workplace Wellness Fairs and discuss the benefits of a Mindful Eating approach to nutrition with employees.  

Healthcare Facility Menu Development & Reviews

Prices starting at $150 per hour

As an expert in healthcare facility menus, I offer menu development and review services for Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Day Cares and Behavioral Health Facilities throughout Florida.  

Sharing and educating employees with Mindful and Instinctive Eating tools and practices and tools takes time. I offer 6-week and 12-week Corporate Wellness Programs to meet the needs and health goals of your employees:

*Corporate Wellness Programs may be covered by your Healthcare Insurance Provider.

Mindful & Instinctive Eating Corporate Wellness Programs

In my customized 6 to 12 week Corporate Wellness programs, your employees will receive:

    • Interactive Nutrition Workshops, focused on providing them tools to optimize their health and nutrition.
    • Customized handouts and education materials to support your employees’ health goals and lifestyles.
    • Optional additional services, including:
      • 30-minute Private and One-on-One Counseling with every Program Attendee
      • Facebook support group with weekly Lives

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to learn more. 

“I have truly enjoyed this program. It has made a positive difference in both mine and my husband’s understanding of nutrition. Thank you so much!” – A.R., Corporate Wellness Program Attendee  

**Custom Corporate Wellness Programs are also available.

Let’s optimize the health of your employees through a positive and sustainable nutrition approach. Connect with me to get your business started.