We live in a world of uncertainty and at many times, negativity. Every time I hear a negative message, I wonder, “How is this message going to hinder someone’s positive journey or solve their problem?” We live in a society where attacking the negative is normal, yet, it isn’t part of the solution. Because of this, I am choosing to be Positive.

On Friday, May 25, 2018, I announced on Social Media that words such as “Diet Culture,” “Thin Privilege,” “Fat Positive,” and “Anti-Diet,” will no longer going to be a part of my vocabulary or practice. I aim to instill and promote health through positivity.

Some may wonder how I can “avoid” using such words – or how I can “avoid” the societal problems we may face while trying to amend your relationship with food. However, it is not about avoiding the issues. Rather, it is about changing the approach.

When I think of disliking Diets and using the words “Anti-Diet” or “Non-Diet,” I think about how this can help all of you. I never want you to feel that because you have dieted in the past, it makes you any less worthy of an amended food relationship or if you’ve never been a dieter before, that I cannot help you find health through Mindful and Intuitive Eating. I am helping all of you by being an All Foods Inclusive Dietitian, not an “Anti-Diet” Dietitian.

What can I say about words such as “Thin Privilege” and “Fat Positive”? To me, although the messages behind these words may be valid, they are still talking about our bodies. I think about all who are “thin” and still struggle to self-love everyday. I think about all who are “thin” because of medical issues or stressors in their lives, and yet are still being put into the “Thin Privilege” category. I also think about all who feel that they are neither “Thin” nor “Fat” and wonder if they are even “categorized” at all. I never want my messages and conversations with you to be solely focused on your body types – I want them to be focused on you.

Positivity and Empathy will be my drive in helping all of you amend your relationship with food, relationship with your body, and relationship with yourselves. By simply changing our words, we can make an impact on someone’s self-love and healing. I choose to be positive to help you find your peace, health, and acceptance from the inside out.



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