Gisela Bouvier Nutrition  I am happy to announce that Mindfully Intuitive Nutrition is now Gisela Bouvier Nutrition. Why the change you may ask? The change needed to happen because I want to be the face of my brand and message. Do I still whole heartedly believe in Mindful Eating and Intuitive Eating in the workplace? Absolutely. However, my message with these two nutrition approaches is a bit different than what we may see in current media and social posts and I want my brand and image to reflect that.

With my new branding also comes a slight change to my approach overall. I will continue to bring Mindful Eating as a primary focus to my workshops and programs – as I truly believe that sharing mindful tools is what optimizes our health first. However, my approach to Intuitive Eating will now be Instinctive Eating. Along with my business partner (for the MIEP Certification program), Amy Sowards, MS, RD, of Dietitian Institute, we have defined Instinctive Eating as the following:

“Instinctive Eating means to reestablish our natural inclinations and gut feelings of choosing and consuming the foods that will nourish us most in the moment. Nourishment can be physical, emotional, and psychological. Instinctive Eating is a non-judgmental approach and is flourished through Mindful practices.”

Instinctive Eating is truly is about discovering our natural way of eating, with minimal stress involved, and understanding that our needs for nourishment may look differently at every meal. Sometimes we may be able to eat the foods we crave in a mindful setting, while other moments we may need to just feed our physical hunger. Instinctive Eating creates the balance within us, through a foundation of Mindful Eating practices.

I cannot wait to continue talking about this approach with all of you and everything that is to come with Gisela Bouvier Nutrition.

What do you think about Instinctive Eating? Let me know in the comments below.

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